Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Horizontal Knee Kick

 The Horizontal Knee Kick

The Horizontal Knee Kick

The knee kicks in Muay Thai it too important and very effective in inside Fighting
There are a lot of knee technique .
Today we will learn The Horizontal Knee Kick so let's start .

You have to warm up to avoid muscles injury .

  1. Go into the basic muay thai stance .
  2. Move your body forward to the target .
  3. Rise up your knee and twist your body like the roundhouse kick then hit the target with your knee .
  4. back to your first stance .
See instructed video

You can also see complete Muay Thai knee kicks technique .
or any knee kicks technique from this list .

The Horizontal Knee Kick
The Curving Knee Kick
The Diagonal Knee Kick
The Straight Knee Kick
The Knee Bomb
The Flying Knee Kick 
The Step Up Knee Kick

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