Sunday, March 20, 2011

muay thai roundhouse kicks workout

muay thai roundhouse kicks workout

roundhouse kick

Hi evey body and welcome to muay Thai workout
To day we will training on roundhouse kicks in muay thai .

The roundhouse kick can attack three area the face and the leg and body so you can use the roundhouse kick
To attack the enemy face or attack his leg or his body so there are three kinds of the roundhouse kick
The low roundhouse kick , mid roundhouse kick and the high roundhouse kick last one and all high kick requires more flexibility
you need to work with muay thai flexibility training .

It's a cool  skill you will always need it in muay thai fight so you need to master this skill
so it's a part of muay thai heavy bag kicks workout so let's se how to do it.
you need to warm up to avoid in injuries during your workout
see warm up on How to warm up for muay thai kicks workout .

  1. get into the basic muay thai stance .
  2. move your body forward to the target.
  3. rise up your knee toward your chest then twist  your body to the side then throw you foot to target  , you can use  human or use the muay thai heavy bag .
  4. back to your first stance . 

see the instructed video



Now you may be ready for push kicks and side kicks workout  or knee kicks .
Thank you for being with us .
You maybe also want to see muay thai heavy bag kicks workout  or
roundhouse kick the complete guide .

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