Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Elbow Chop

The Elbow Chop
Muay Thai elbow techniques are very important techniques
Elbow is ultimate weapons. Elbow sharpness is equated to that of a razor blade.
The elbow is a dangerous weapon that can produce horrifying cuts.
That is why the elbow is a valuable tool for the fighting with bare hands.
No other weapon can compare with the elbow in terms of brutality and blood-breeding capacity. It seems that the elbow strike is very unique weapon .

The Elbow Chop is a muay thai technique. The thai-boxer can use it to hit his opponent at the face or head or collar bone. The reason why this jumping elbow is extra powerful is because the elbow attack will best be performed at the point of landing that’s how the boxer’s body weight will add to the blow making the impact great.

see this video

You can learn the elbow from this

Muay Thai elbow techniques

The Double Elbow Chop 

The Mid-Air Elbow Strike

The Elbow Chop

The Reverse Horizontal Elbow 
The Forward Elbow Thrust
The Uppercut Elbow

The Horizontal Elbow
The Elbow Slash

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